Gorgeous Yarns, the Eclipse and the Birds

Today, here in Cornwall we had a partial Eclipse which was quite spectacular! From the window of Gorgeous Yarns HQ the Eclipse was clear to see and the birds were singing away, until the moments before and after the 85% coverage of the sun. At this point the birds went deathly quiet, and everything was still. It was quite surreal. Where were you for the Eclipse? Its interesting to wonder what our ancestors thought of it all, and how they made sense of an Eclipse. The birds were certainly baffled!

The birds are very busy in the garden, on the feeders and in the trees and hedge, making nests and finding a mate. I have put some felting fluff in an old feeder for them to peck to pull bits of colour for their nests. It amuses me to think of the pop art that might be going on in the nest linings around and about, and the colour the chicks will see when they hatch. (Do birds even see in colour?)

We have lovely colours for spring which will be revealed in next week’s newsletter, pastel, gentle shades to work with as well as bright, vibrant colours for summer projects. I’m thinking of designing a knitted cotton vest top with a crochet edging; I’m still very inspired by my learning to crochet adventures (http://www.insidecrochet.co.uk/) and want to add some crochet to my knitting, perhaps in a contrast colour to add more detail. I’m also working on a design using lovely colours from Kettle Yarns Wimbledon which is along the lines of a polo shirt, contrast stripes and eyelet row around the bottom, sleeves and collar. The colours really lend themselves to being mixed and blended with stripes. This pattern will be called Oxford, I’ll let you know when its finished. (http://www.http://gorgeousyarns.co.uk/product/kettle-yarn-wimbledon-dk/)

Have you noticed how crochet seems to be everywhere on the high street at the moment. Its THE fashion trend for this year for fashion, accessories and home. I’ve made 2 cushions in crochet, I’m busy making a blanket (for the winter, it’ll take me a long time!) and a groceries shopper bag. (Remember the string bags from the 70’s?) The bag is made from cotton DK, samples of the Nurturing Fibres cottons that are on their way to GY as we speak. The colours of these yarns are amazing, and I can’t wait to show them to you! Very tempting and a wide range of colours to suit everyone I hope. Here is a project in Wimbledon Mellon Balls, a capelet in crochet I finished recently.

Peachy pink Crochet capelette
A capelette crocheted in Kettle Yarns Wimbledon DK, Melon Balls








Well, here the sun is shining again, daffodils are golden yellow and bonny and I’m going to make a hot drink and sit outside in the sun and knit for a while, perfect!

Bye for now, Caroline

Golden daffodil with orange trumpet
Golden daffodils on the day of the Eclipse

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