Gorgeous Yarns on show

Gorgeous Yarns on show, Gorgeous Yarns on the go! That’s been my motto for the past few weeks. I have been busy at Proper Woolly and the following weekend at Royal Cornwall show and at both had Gorgeous Yarns on show. It’s been non-stop, and I have hardly had time to catch up with chores at home, BUT I have had lots of time to think about projects, lots of time to crochet and knit, talk about Gorgeous Yarns with lovely customers and travel, I’ve spent a lot of time doing that too!

I have been thinking about crochet on the move since I was at Proper Woolly, and how portable it is as a yarn craft. I had made myself a pinny with a baggy pocket in the hope that I would be able to tuck my crochet in there, and crochet when I was quiet, but what I found was that I could crochet, (with the yarn ball in the pocket with room to move) and chat, and walk around all at the same time. Now that’s taking multi-tasking to a whole new level! I treated myself to a very special crochet hook from Lyn Roberts who makes unique, exquisite hooks: its an heirloom piece, a joy to use and to have and hold. (hop over to her site to have a look, she also accepts commissions and she’s a very lovely lady!)

Silver crochet hook
Lyn Roberts silver crochet hook, a dream to hold and use.



I’m still working on the tangerine shawl crocheted in Coquette 4 ply cotton, it is really smooth yarn to use, and doesn’t split like many cottons I’ve tried. It was popular at both the shows, and so was our Nurturing Fibres duo, Eco-cotton and Eco-fusion, in all the sunny South African colours in the range. The shawl is a bit big now to fit in my pinny pocket, but I’ve still managed to crochet on the go with it in the car, Gorgeous Yarns on the go! I’ve also made a few flowers from left over bits of yarn, they might end up being sewn onto my pinny I think.





If crochet is not your thing, then have a look at our range of interchangeable circulars from ChiaoGoo. You don’t have to use them “in the round”, they work very well as though you were knitting on straight needles and of course you don’t end up poking your travel companions with your needles like you would with straights. You also have the advantage of having your work on your lap with circulars, so if space is limited, you can still indulge in your favourite yarn habit! We are adding to the range of needles we stock, keep watching the website….they arrived today and are waiting to be unpacked. Lots of customers at both shows were very interested in the Cubics from Knit Pro and we are adding Karbonz which are a new carbon fibre needle. (More about these next week on the blog). I am stocking a range of bamboo needles from Knit Pro too as an alternative to the Chiaogoo dark patina bamboo needles. Both perform beautifully and are smooth and silky to use and warm in your hands.

Don’t forget we also stock Soak. If you haven’t heard of it, or had a free sample from us with your purchase, have a look hereIt is a liquid wash, in handy travel size bottles, and is suitable for all hand knitted or crochet clothes as well as all your “delicates” and anything you want to hand wash. Initially, it looks expensive, but it goes a very long way, and as you only need a teaspoonful per wash it costs between 18p  and 24p per wash. No rinsing, just soak, drain dry and go!

I’ll be blogging again very soon as its world wide Knit in Public weekend tomorrow, I’m joining my friend Steph Thornton of Perran Yarns at Heartlands Pool, Cornwall, and I’m sure I will have lots to chat about. Apologies to all GY friends for the communication blogging  downtime, service is now resumed!

I have had lovely feedback from customers who enjoy the blog and the newsletters I send; please do comment, I’d love to hear what you are making with our yarns, what you are up to, where you are travelling this summer and what projects you like to do on the go.

Bye for now,



Summer flowers
Dancing Aquilegia flowers, Gorgeous Yarns on show



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