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The Gorgeous Yarns latest news, as you can see, is that my first article in Inside Crochet has been published, with great excitement here at Gorgeous Yarns HQ. I have chatted about being a knitter, my New Year’s resolution of wanting to crochet, and I hope the readers will join me on my adventure mastering the skill. The first thing I actually made was a plaited cowl, in Pirkka Lankka, but because it was just a case of crocheting long double crochet ropes, then plaiting it together, the cushion featured here is my first “proper” project. (its a sneaky preview to next month’s article…) I can’t tell you how pleased I am with it, it looks great on the chair and is very comfy and soft. Kettle Yarns Wimbledon DK crocheted beautifully, silky and smooth. My cushion is a bit different to the picture in the magazine, I’m not sure what I did differently, but its individual and I’m calling it a feature! Read more of my crochet adventures each month, in the Inside Crochet magazine and on line digital magazine http://www.insidecrochet.co.uk  and FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/insidecrochet . Inside Crochet have sent me their digital badge to use, and I’m proud to do so.

I must just tell you, a few years a go, my Gran Pearl gave me a large feather cushion…. well the cover of that was worn and faded, so I decided to “remake” the cushion so it would fit the new crochet cover. Well, my thrifty Gran had done the same thing, and as I cut open the first, second, third and fourth covers, it was like going back in time through my Gran’s interior decor tastes. Made me smile when I finally cut through blue and cream stripes and found the feathers!

Blue and grey striped crochet cushion
My first real crochet project, a cushion made using Kettle Yarns

Here’s a bit more Gorgeous Yarns latest news! Here are some samples of cottons I have knitted into samples to test. I’ve washed them, no colour run! and I’m hoping they may be good enough for me to stock. I’ve got 4ply and DK cotton, and a cotton/linen mix on test, keep watching for more news, and hopefully I should be stocking cottons soon. I love the bright colours, and they feel smooth and I think they will be cool and comfy when they are made into garments.

Samples of brightly coloured cotton yarns
Samples of cottons on test, drying on the radiator after being washed.

Did you know Gorgeous Yarns offer a gift wrapping service? I have recently been thinking how I would like a gorgeous gift of yarn wrapped, and I’ve updated our packaging to reflect this. Gifts will be wrapped in small, pretty boxes, decorated with hand made embellishments, wrapped with quality wrapping paper and tied with silk ribbon. Inside, the purchases will be wrapped in tissue, and every gift includes samples of Soak delicates hand wash liquid, stitch markers and vintage buttons. So all you have to do is write the label! I can even post to a different address if you need me to, please just put the details in the “Special Instructions” box at the checkout. I hope the gift wrapping will make a purchase of Gorgeous Yarns even more special, go on, treat yourself or someone special…!

Collection of gift boxes and yarn
Updated gift packaging using beautiful boxes, paper and ribbons to make a special gift.

I have posted this picture of my lime green orchid, simply because it has taken 11 years to flower again and it deserves a mention and some adoration! I’ve moved it onto the (unused) fire hearth so I can sit and knit, or crochet, and look at it, and admire its beautiful colour and form.

Lime green orchid
Gorgeous lime green orchid, flowering after 11 years rest!

That’s about all the news for this week, I’ll be posting the newsletter next week, don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already as I run competitions to win yarn and other Gorgeous Yarns prizes, exclusive to newsletter readers. I’ll also post on Gorgeous Yarns on Facebook and Pinterest, so you can keep up with Gorgeous Yarns latest news those ways too!

Bye for now!


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