Gorgeous Yarns is on Etsy

Gorgeous Yarns is on Etsy too!

Did you know Gorgeous Yarns is on Etsy too? We have had a shop there for a while, and I recently decided this is the best place to showcase and sell my natural plant dyed yarns and yarn kits. Etsy is the first choice for many discerning shoppers wanting something unique, original or hand made and so it is the perfect place for my hand dyed lovelies!

This week I have been busy photographing and listing my hand dyed yarns in my Etsy shop. They are all naturally dyed at Gorgeous Yarns HQ in Cornwall, rinsed in collected rainwater and dried outside in the fresh air whenever possible. Have a look at this little film clip to see a bit more of the process…..

Hand dyed Gorgeous Yarns

Each skein of yarn is unique and usually I can’t exactly repeat them. Perfect if you want to make something really, really special! That’s why I think they are best seen on Etsy. If you prefer to shop for these hand dyed yarns with us here, let me know . Here are some of the yarns and colours I have recently used… What will you choose?

This year I am hoping to grow more of my own dye plants, including madder (which I have grown before, its like a weed!) dyer’s chamomile, woad and weld. They have amazing Latin names too, like Rubus Tinctoria and Rhuem Sinensis. Any guesses what these are?

I’m also dyeing a lot of yarns in the next few weeks to go to Laughing Hens. I’m using luxury yarn bases like alpaca and silk, and alpaca and merino and a variety of colours so there will hopefully be something for every project. I’m going to be their featured dyer in march. Never been a calendar girl before! I’ll reveal all (so to speak!) about it nearer the day! Here’s a bit more of the dyeing in progress…

Have a look out in next week’s emails for our newsletter, and if you haven’t signed up yet, its here...I’ll be posting the 2019 events page, don’t miss it!

Bye for now, keep cosy with Gorgeous Yarns in this chilly weather!

Hello 2019!
Hello 2019!

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