Blue garden bench with cushions and knitting

Gorgeous Yarns HQ, the Blackbird mimic and his evening talent show!

Last night when I got home from work with NHS I had a horrible headache which wouldn’t shift. I had lots to do getting the site ready for “opening”, so I made a strong cup of tea and settled to work at Gorgeous Yarns HQ. It was a lovely evening, with a cool breeze so I had the window open. As dusk fell, I heard a blackbird singing. That’s not unusual, except this cheery chap had a beautiful voice and a talent for mimicry. As I listened, he sang to me, and included his version of a car alarm, a phone ringing, someone “wolf whistling”, an emergency vehicle siren and someone whistling for their dog! It was amazing, and as I listened, I quite forgot my headache.   Time working on  the site seemed to fly by (pardon the pun!)  as the blackbird’s talent show went on for about half an hour and he made me smile. He then suddenly stopped and flew off with his girlfriend, no doubt she was as impressed with his talent as I was!

I later walked around the garden in the dusk, headache gone, the air was cool and still and peaceful, the honeysuckle smelled divine and the hydrangea blue flowers were gorgeous, almost luminous in the dim light.
Isn’t it lovely to take a moment to listen and look at nature.
Bye for now, Caroline

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