Gorgeous Yarns and Sustainability

At Gorgeous Yarns, sustainability means using and promoting products that are environmentally low impact, natural, petro-chemical free and can be part of the circular economy of make, use, reuse, repair and recycle.

This means that if you use our yarns to make something, it will be from a sustainable source, last well and continue to look good, and be loved and used for years to come. It will hopefully be repaired, used some more and then recycled to be loved and reused as something else. Ultimately this represents value for money over time but has fewer environmental costs than an initially cheaper man made acrylic yarn. Wool embraces the whole concept of slow fashion. Lets not be part of the disposable cheap fashion treadmill; lets enjoy the mindfulness of creating something lasting and unique with natural, tactile luxury fibres.

Our yarns are produced with the highest welfare standards, and where possible, are British farmed sheep and or processed in the UK supporting the small traditional milling heritage of the UK.

Our range of Naturally Gorgeous Yarns are dyed with plant colours, and fixed with food grade mineral salts so they are safe to wear even if you have sensitive skin. They are rinsed with collected rainwater and the excess colour is washed from the yarn with eco-friendly plant based soap products (in refillable packaging to reduce single use plastics.) Harsh chemical;s are never used on our Naturally Gorgeous range.

Sustainability extends to our packaging as we move over to recyclable and compostable packaging and brown paper wrapping as well as eco-printer inks for our labels and patterns.

Gorgeous Yarns will continue to develop and evolve with sustainability, provenance and traceability in focus.