Gorgeous shrug pattern and more!

This is a gorgeous shrug pattern which I originally designed for Frangipani Guernsey 5ply yarn. I have since knitted it in Watercolour & Lace  North Ronaldsay Wool Lace weight yarn and it has knitted up beautifully. I only have enough yarn from Watercolour and Lace to make up 3 kits which are now for sale, each with a different colour yarn, as shown below. Get one while you can.

This gorgeous shrug is also ideal make with Perran Yarns Lace weight yarns, though I haven’t yet had time to do this to show you all. The shrug is easy and comfortable to wear, not bulky, and just a bit different, which is what you can expect from Gorgeous Yarns! I’m very proud of this pattern, it was the first one I designed and it’s still one of my best! (Modest or what!!) It can be knitted in 2 pieces and joined, or knitted ” in the round”, which I  did this time on Chiao Goo circulars, with great success. Changing the tips and cables was a doddle, so much easier than fixed circulars.

Summer Garden lace weight yarn
Summer Garden North Ronaldsay Lace weight yarn
autumn Leaves Lace weight yarn
Autumn Leaves North Ronaldsay Lace weigth yarn
Hyacinth Blue yarn
Hyacinth blue North Ronaldsay Lace weight yarn
Chiaogoo SPNBamboo
New Chiao Goo bamboo straight needles in stock.










Talking of needles, we are now proud to announce we stock Chiao Goo bamboo straights. We have a small number of most sizes, and I have trialed them and found them great to use. They are smooth and silky, with no hint of splinteriness like other bamboos I have used. I understand from friends with sore hand joints that they are much nicer to use than metal straights, and are an alternative to plastic needles. We also stock Knit Pro Cubix straights as another quality needle choice for you.

We have DPNs in stock for those of you who like to knit socks for the winter, and some lovely sock yarns. My favourites at the moment are the John Arbon Exmoor and Alpaca Yarns which come in a range of gorgeous colours and will keep your toesies cosy cosy.





I am now trialing Pirkka Lanka for you and making up a Winter Boot topper pattern with it. The yarns are from Finland and come in 2 grades which approximate DK and 4 ply, in the most amazing and inspiring range of colours. The yarn is soft and strong, best for garments not next to the skin, though you might feel happy with scarves and hats made with it. It suggests to me cosy  jumpers and cardigans, perfect to keep warm in the winter and still look gorgeous! The darker colours will be lovely for the gentlemen, and I’m going to knit my Dad a waistcoat when I get some time to think up the pattern. I also plan to design a tunic dress with a complex cable on the front for those of you who want a challenge! I’ll let you now how I get on, and post photos as it develops. (I’m very inspired by Alice Starmore’s “The Celtic Collection” book at the moment, its a bedside read for me and I dream of knitting and cables!)

Don’t forget, we are unable to post orders between Tuesday 2/09/14 and Thursday 11/09/14, but anyone placing an order during this time will receive a free small gift as a thank you for your patience.

Best wishes, Caroline




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  1. I am interested in the circular shrug advertised in the Knit magazine which I understood could be downloaded free- not able to do this Pls advise

    1. Hi Pamela, I was not aware that the Gorgeous Yarns circular shrug is in the Knit magazine as I don’t advertise with them and they have not asked my permission to use it. My circular shrug is available as a download from LoveKnitting for £4.30 (search Gorgeous Yarns Circular Shrug) or as a hard copy via our website for £3.50 plus postage. I would be very grateful if you could let me know what edition the circular shrug is in so I can check and liaise with Knit magazine if needed.

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