Lace shawl with sand and aqua cooiurs

Gorgeous colours, gorgeous stitch.

I’ve really been enjoying making up the pattern for this shawl!

I’m loving  these gorgeous colours from Kettle Yarns, (Light Squirrelly and Pom) and with Perran Yarns (Teal Temptation) standing by to finish the project, it is starting to look how I imagined it when I pictured the lapping shallows on a sandy beach. However…. it hasn’t all been plain sailing! It took me several tries before the pattern worked how I wanted it to, several tries before I have the lace stitch sequence in my head, and now, several attempts before I was happy with the graded colour change. Of course, all the times I have unraveled and re-knitted the stitches have been worth it to create something I am proud of, and something I want to share with you as a pattern. (Coming as soon to the web-shop as fast as my little hands can make it!) I will also let you know what I think of the square needles I am using, so far I think they’re great, and the shape helps stop the lace stitches slipping off somehow, always a bonus!


Lace stitch shawl close up

                                                                           Lace stitch shawl and colour change, after several attempts!

I went to The Elms Tearooms on Thursday evening for the second “Knit and Natter”. ( 01872 560836) near Chacewater, Truro. Bev, Kerry and I were joined by 2 new knitters, Angela and Margaret, Angela’s mum on holiday. We had a great time knitting and nattering, looking at and discussing patterns in magazines, and generally putting the world to rights! It was fun to see what others are creating, Kerry doesn’t knit yet, but when she feels like it I have promised her I will teach her.(This is following the successful class the other day when I taught Melanie and Sarah to knit). We all decided we enjoy knitting or crochet as a great way of relaxing, even if we have to unravel stitches like I did! The next Knit and Natter is on 14 August, 7 – 9 pm, at The Elms Tearooms, do come along, I’m sure you will have a lovely evening, everyone is welcome.

I know I’m a bit late for a spring clean, but I’ve been tidying and cleaning today, finding books and magazines I had forgotten I had, most of them to do with yarn or creating hand made lovelies. Its great to tidy, and in theory have piles for recycling, storing properly and giving away, except I get very distracted! I end up looking at them all over again and planning enough future projects and patterns  to keep me busy well into retirement! Oh, all those gorgeous colours of yarns, lovely stitches, inspired patterns, all so lovely!

I have decided the next pattern I want to design will be a oversize poncho sort of thing, and I’m inspired to try a less used stitch, linen stitch, which has a different pattern front and back. The edges will be with a double sided cable, so in theory you could wear it either way out. Well that’s the plan! I’m getting new yarns in stock soon from 2 new companies, so it will be a great way to showcase their gorgeous yarns! Lovely for the autumn and for chilly winter walks. Lets not think about the autumn and winter, lets enjoy the lovely warm weather at the moment and dream of the warm woolliness to come later in the year!

Bye for now,



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