Golden daffodils in Spring

Golden Daffodils in Cornwall in the Spring

Golden daffodils are so much part of a Cornish spring. The fields, gardens and hedgerows are full of them! By far my favourite are the large all yellow ones, they are so joyful dancing in the breeze (apologies for misquoting Wordsworth).

Yellow and golden colours generally are a bit of a feature for me this week. I have recently dyed several yellow colours form Rhubarb root, Alder Buckthorn and my latest experiment, solar dyeing with daffodils. The yellow from rhubarb root is amazing and can range from a mustardy colour through to pale buttery yellow. I have sent both Rhubarb root and Alder Buckthorn yellows to Laughing Hens as part of the Naturally Gorgeous yarns they will be selling in March- I’m their Indie dyer of the Month!

Yellow can be a tricky colour to use and wear, but I like it with greys, brown or even a khaki colour. I love the Alder Buckthorn dye colour, it has brown tones in it and looks a bit like butterscotch!

Did you see me start the solar dye experiment on Instagram? Catch up with it here: Instagram Solar dye. Its a bit of fun and I’ll let you know how I get on!

Have you ever fancied having a go at natural dyeing? I’m able to teach workshops in Devon and Cornwall for up to 10 people; you arrange the venue and I’ll bring everything you need to dye at least 100g of gorgeous yarn.(Just email me at  for more details.)I usually use our Corriedale yarn as it takes the colour so well. You can have your own golden gorgeous yarns! We also have a selection of DIY dye kits in our Etsy shop if you aren’t in the southwest or can’t join a workshop.

That’s about all our news this week, I hope you are having a golden, sunshiny day! Bye for now.

Bye for now!
Bye for now!

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