Pink and purple yarns in a wicker heart shape

Getting ready for more Gorgeousness!

Getting ready for more gorgeousness, we’ve had such a busy week and time has flown by!
We have been preparing images and text to go forward to start advertising in The Knitter and Knitting magazine, commencing with the editions out at the end of September. This is one of our images, what do you think? When I collected together all the pinks and purples we had I was amazed and delighted with the range, really something to suit everyone from softest pale blossom pink from Kettle yarns “Islington” Lotus and “Twist” Blossom to strong confident bright pink from Perran yarns Banana yarn in Raspberry and the lovely blended shades of merino and Tencel Buddleia and Hydrangea. Its very reassuring to me to know that I have such a lovely range of shades, and coming soon, even more gorgeousness from Eden Cottage Yarns! When I was ordering the range from Eden Cottage’s Victoria Magnus, I had great difficulty making choices, all the colours are blended and hand dyed so expertly. We will be getting the initial yarns in early September, but I’m sure I’ll be adding to the colours we stock with each subsequent order! Watch the website for details in the coming weeks, I’m sure you’ll like them as much as I do.


Young woman called Abbie
Our niece, and artist, teacher and new knitter.

Abbie, the lovely young woman pictured is on a flying visit (pardon the pun) from New Zealand, where she now lives. She is a teacher there, and has recently begun to teach herself to knit. She has mastered to basics and is now ready for a new challenge, so I gave her our pattern “Inspire” with yarns and goodies, all gift wrapped, ready for her to take the first steps towards knitting lace.  She was thrilled with the gift and promised to keep me in touch with how she is getting on, and posting regularly on facebook. Check out our facebook page and you can see how she’s getting on too! Perhaps it will tempt you to try the pattern….

 Abbie is a talented artist in lots of different media, including glass, and she has agreed to make some fused glass pebble stitch markers exclusively for Gorgeous Yarns. I’m thrilled that she is doing this for us, adding another layer of Gorgeousness to the lovely things we already stock. They will be a special edition, so please watch the website for details, I expect them to be very popular and sell quickly.


The last bit of gorgeousness to tell you about is the lace stitch shawl, which is nearly finished! Here’s a not very glamorous photo of me sat with my feet up earlier today with the shawl spread on my lap. I must say though how lovely it is looking and I’m so pleased with the blends of colour from the Kettle Yarn Light Squirelly and Pom through to the Perran Yarns Cool Topaz. I’ve decided to call it “Dreams of the Seashore” and the pattern will be available to buy at the end of the week. I am meeting with my friend Steph Thornton of Perran yarns this week to agree final details of another order, including more Cool Topaz, for you, and we will be finalizing the exclusive Gorgeous Yarns colourway, Moorland. I’ll tell you all about that in my next blog.

Bye for now, Caroline

Finishing the Seashore shawl
Here I am, feet up for a while, enjoying Sunday afternoon knitting!
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  1. enjoyed your blog. Like the name you chose for the shawl. Looking forward to your next blog. The cowl is coming on slowly. Xxx

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