Rainy Day

Five things to do on a Rainy Day this summer!

Here are five things to do on a rainy day…. and we’ve had a lot of rainy days recently in Cornwall! The garden looks like the triffids have taken over, there are more weeds than a gardener’s worst nightmare, the roads are jammed with poor holidaymakers who can’t go to the beach and town is full of soggy people wandering around with nothing to do!

I opened the curtains this morning, and its raining, again! So I thought I’d share some ideas of things to do when its not a go out kind of day.

  1. How about sorting your stash? I have a chest of drawers full of lovely yarns, (and not quite so nice yarns that were a bargain years ago). I’m not really sure what’s in each drawer, and more importantly, what I might do with each one. I’m going to be a bit OCD and catalogue my stash, or at least group it into its thicknesses, so when I see a lovely project on Pinterest I can check see if I’ve got something suitable to start straight away. I might also find yarns that no longer suit my tastes and I will donate those to the local charity shop or Older Peoples home….

    Stash chest of drawers, rainy day sorting
    Stash chest of drawers
  2. Going along with stash sorting is, of course, pattern sorting! Now, the internet is a wonderful and amazing thing. You can find almost anything, from anywhere in the world. What it does in this house is show me patterns and downloads that I just must buy, and or print……… I have 3 files full of patterns, plus years of knitting and crochet magazines, plus books…..Really? Can one person possibly have so many patterns? So another rainy day task for me is to be realistic and sort all my patterns into things I might make, things I want to keep just in case the right yarn comes along, and the “Oh no, what was I thinking of” patterns that can be paper recycled.

    Just Peachy
    Just Peachy
  3. This is a combination on 1+2 of course, sort yarn and put it with the right pattern! But that feels like I’m short changing you, so No 3 rainy day task could be to write a list of knitted and crochet gifts you would like to make for loved ones for Christmas and birthdays, and you know if you have the right yarn and patterns too.
  4. Teach yourself a new stitch or technique. Perhaps one of your patterns has a stitch or technique that you like the look of, but have always been put off because it looks a bit tricky. On a rainy day, why not make a favourite drink, get your yarn, pattern etc ready and have a go. With no pressure, and nothing to tempt you outside to do something else, you may find you can crack it. A comment on a FB group recently got me thinking about this. I like to challenge myself every so often and try a pattern or stitch that is a little bit beyond me. I may take 3 or 4 go’s to get it right, but there’s a real sense of satisfaction when I do.
  5. Are you in a knit or crochet group? They are a lovely way to meet new friends and have fun and laugh along the way. I belong to 2 local groups and look forward to Tuesdays, and every other Thursday. I have recently set up a Facebook group “We Love Gorgeous Yarns“. You are welcome to join us and share in the chat. Search the name on Facebook, and apply…

    Gorgeous Coquette cottons on special offer this month
    Gorgeous Coquette cottons on special offer this month

If the rainy days have really got you down, and you are craving sunny colours,  don’t forget that Coquette cottons are on special offer for this month, and have an extra 25pence off if you are a newsletter subscriber. (See the bottom of our home page if you want to sign up). We have lots of kits too, so if you are jetting off somewhere warm, and leaving the rainy days behind, have a look here, and take a small project with you.

Enjoy your day, whatever the weather,

Bye for now,


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