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Hand made poncho
Hand made poncho




Do you enjoy hand made? I love searching out the local craft markets and hand made boutiques wherever I am, whether local to me or on holiday. I think you can find really beautiful, unique hand made items, and make-it-yourself materials which reflect the local culture and environment.




A few years ago, we were lucky enough to go to Australia for a holiday, and when we went to the Craft Market in Melbourne I bought an Australian felted wool scarf which has all the gorgeous colours of the outback; soft sage green, burnt orange like the soil and gentle greys. I also bought a fused dichroic glass brooch in the vague shape of Australia to wear with the scarf too. Its a lovely reminder of a fantastic holiday and feels like I have a bit of Australia with me when I wear it; the wool “grew” in Aus., the felt was made there and the glass brooch was created in the shape of the country.

Of course buying hand made means you are supporting the local artisan community and encouraging a thriving creative culture. Yes, you might pay a bit more than the shop bought version, but what you are paying for is time, and skill and something unique that will last much longer than the cheap shop version.

Crochet blanket
Hand made crochet blanket

What about making things for yourself? A lot of crafts-people run workshops which can be an ideal way to learn a new skill in a supportive environment or improve the skills and knowledge you already have. If you buy the materials to make something for yourself, you will have something that is unique and will always remind you of that place and time, that’s such a nice way to catch a memory. Perhaps you could also make a garment or accessory typical of the area, like a lovely Greek cotton crochet bed cover, a chic French shrug, a Californian Boho handbag or a Canadian intarsia scarf. How about buying a kit so you have everything you need?

Are you going on holiday this year? In Cornwall we have a huge range of regular and special craft events happening most weekends from now on, Gorgeous Yarns will be at Stitch St Ives on 19-20 March with a range of yarns, hand made project bags and more. There will be a host of other local stitch related stands too including Perran Yarns run by my friend, the lovely Steph Thornton. If you are in Cornwall on holiday for Easter why not pop along?


Gorgeous Yarns will also be at Powderham Castle in Devon for Toby’s Gardenfest at the end of April, more hand made artisan items from the South west as well as lovely plants and garden related ephemera. Come along and see us if you are in Devon at that time, say Hello and treat yourself to some Gorgeous Yarns!

Hope you are enjoying hand made. Don’t forget we have Eden Cottage yarns reduced at the moment, hop over, via the link, and have a look at the fabulous colours…..To see them in action, creating a hand made crochet cardigan read my blog last week.

Bye for now, Caroline

In love with yellows and greens of spring!
In love with yellows and greens of spring!

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