Current projects and holiday plans.

Current Project
Current Project

Current projects and holiday plans! I suppose if nothing else the colours of my current projects are seaside-y!

When I planned this post a couple of months ago, none of us could’ve predicted how our lives would change so dramatically. I anticipated a sunny, cheery post about what yarns were suitable for projects for holidays, or to take and make on holiday. I imagined you all jetting off to far flung exotic locations, knitting or crocheting on the plane and wearing your hand made garments on sunny, relaxing excursions.

Mmmmm! Well, here we all are, still in various degrees of lockdown, and little or no prospect of those far-flung holiday locations we dream of. Being positive, at least the sun is shining! My imaginings of you are now a bit more domestic; sitting in your garden, on a balcony or in a park. Perhaps you are knitting or crocheting….

My current projects include using this time to revisit favourite old patterns, but use new or unusual yarns. (Are you as fed up of your yarn stash as I am?!) I am redesigning the “Claire” pattern which was retired a few months ago. It is a knitted long skinny shawl with a crochet lacy edging. Originally in DK, I’m reworking it in 4ply so you can have the option to do either. I’m making it twice. Once in alpaca and silk hand dyed yarn, and then in wool/linen/silk for the second sample. Here it is originally……

The Original Claire design

Did you see? We now have all our favourite patterns available as downloads too? So if you are still using your yarn stash, why not have a look and treat yourself to a new pattern and take it with you to the park to make something in the sunshine.

Feeling fed up with lockdown restrictions? Share your current project with us on our FB page. You might see an idea or pattern you like that inspires you. I have recently started following Casapinka on Instagram and Ravelry. I love her colourful designs and will be making her Breathe and Hope shawl pattern soon.

Its lovely to talk to you, keep well and keep smiling!

Bye for now,


PS. My hair has grown a lot since then, I need a new photo!

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