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Vintage crochet
Crochet patterns

Hello again! Well the clocks have changed back, but guess who forgot to reset her alarm clock yesterday and is now up at daft O’clock in the morning! Its so dark outside it might as well be midnight, I’m talking to you, and I’m dressed ready for work and it’s only 05.45! Hmmmm!

I have been thinking for some time about how I want to improve my crochet skills. Some of you may have already read in my blogs that I can crochet, but not well, and I can’t follow a pattern, and don’t even have a clue about how to achieve an even tension. My Gran Pearl taught me to knit and crochet when I was little, but I persisted with the knitting and its time I put that right. Knitting and crochet have become so fashionable again, crochet designs are everywhere on the high street as clothing and home soft furnishings. So, on the off chance I asked Mum if she could help with a learn to crochet book from when I was a little girl, and long hidden in the depths of the attic. Hey presto, Mum had a collection of patterns and 2 ancient “teach yourself crochet” books. (I’m so glad now she didn’t listen to me all those times I told her to de-clutter!) Admittedly, some of the patterns were very dated, for example I don’t think my husband would thank me for a crochet tie for Christmas and I’m not sure mini skirt hem lines are still in! But some are still very wearable today with a bit of tweaking, and so I’m all set!

I have my ChiaoGoo bamboo handle crochet hooks at the ready, and a wonderful choice of Gorgeous Yarns to crochet with and I can’t wait to start. I am going to be writing a monthly article for Inside Crochet magazine, chatting to readers about my adventures with learning to crochet properly and follow patterns to make lovely projects. I’m hoping the series with start in January’s edition but I’ll keep you updated with details closer to the time. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to it all.

Kettle Yarns Wimbledon
Wimbledon, Kettle Yarns

We have Kettle Yarns Wimbledon now in stock in the full range of colours and this yarn is perfect for most DK projects, including the Alice Cowl and boot toppers Pattern which I’m just finishing writing and making up the sample to photograph. Must try and finish that this week…. Must also try to finish the Como shrug which is coming on beautifully but has decided it wants to be more of a shrug than a cape! I’m loving the Kimono sleeves on lots of fashion tops this season, so I think I will echo that in the Como shape, and it will be a comfy loose fit to suit everyone.

Alice Cowl
Close up of Alice cowl being knitted

Well, I’ve enjoyed chatting to you in this early morning blog, hope it finds you all well, and I’ll be in touch again soon,

Bye for now, Caroline

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