Creating Colour; 2 essential tools of the trade!

Creating Colour on dull days.

Creating Colour on Dull days….

I’ve been creating more colour and its helped brighten these dull days. The endless rain, dark clouds and windy weather we have been having here in Cornwall has been quite depressing, but nothing compared to other parts of the country.

Colour truly does brighten the darkest days; whether its the colours you wear, the colours you knit and crochet with, or the colours you enjoy creating. Here at Gorgeous yarns we are all about colour, have a look at some of our favourites…. and here too

I used some Indigo tincture for the first time last week, with stunning results, and this week I’m using it again at a weaker strength to get more subtle colours.

Indigo Blue colour
Indigo Blue colour (with Buckthorn yellow peeping in on the right!)

Several people have asked to see my new dye space, so here it is…

New Dye space
New Dye space

I have the yarn ready to soak, and then it goes into the pot with the natural dye, on the hob for the magic to happen!

Colour magic begins...
Colour magic begins…

It doesn’t look like much now, but after an hour it will be the most gorgeous turquoise blue, like the Mediterranean sea in a sunny cove on a hot summer’s day. That’s a colour to imagine on these wintry days!

My essential tools of the trade are the rubber gloves and my stirring stick. This is a “spurtle” a traditional Scottish porridge stirring stick, and I bought it in Edinburgh quite a few years ago now. (Don’t worry, my breakfast porridge is now stirred with a hand made chestnut wood spoon carved for me by Tom, who makes wooden buttons too.)

While I work, I enjoy the view from the window of the garden, and I’m encouraging the birds onto the bird feeders outside. I had a robin on the feeder, but he was camera shy and flew off just as I took his photo! Despite the garden looking dull and brown, there are a few green shoots coming, and spring colour is on its way.

winter garden
winter garden, view from my window

What view do you have from your window? Does colour inspire and lift you in these dull winter months?

I’ll let you know how the latest colour turns out….

Bye for now,


Bye for now!
Bye for now!

PS the book on the window ledge is Wild Colour by Jenny Dean, an invaluable resource if you want to start natural dyeing.


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