Colour, cold, Counting and more colour!

Colour, cold, counting and more colour! Doesn’t sound very inspiring, especially when I tell you that the counting bit was a stock take! But, it was amazingly inspiring, a sensory experience not to be missed. (I know, sounds unlikely, stock taking, a sensory experience….?)

On Wednesday, my friend Fran and I did a stock count in the very cold stock room! We had prepared, dressing in warm woollies, thick socks and fueled with hot coffee and started at one end and finished at the other. She is also a knitter and crocheter so we had to stop ourselves “oooh-ing” and “aah-ing” too much at the Gorgeous Yarns  while we were counting. Somehow, surrounded by the beautiful colours and natural yarns and textures, we soon forgot how cold we were, hands were warm in the wools, brains inspired by the colours and combination potentials and a very happy morning went by in 3 shakes of a skein of yarn! I really began to appreciate again just how beautiful all the yarns in the collection are, how well they go together across the ranges, and how exciting using them is to make unique, gorgeous projects. For example, we put Perran Yarns Merino and Tussah Silk  with Eden Cottage Oakworth and came up with some amazing and beautiful combinations which make the very most of the colours. These 2 yarns are hand dyed over 300 miles apart, but put them side by side and the colours are made for each other!

Mixing colours across the Gorgeous Yarns collection.
Mixing colours across the Gorgeous Yarns collection.






I think this idea of mixing yarns works really well, so I am going to make a crochet cardigan using a pattern from Inside Crochet which I will then be chatting about in my regular mini-article in the magazine. I have some Debbie Bliss fine Donegal tweed in Blackberry, ( I bought it years ago for a long forgotten project) and I am going to mix it with Eden Cottage Oakworth Buddleia and Clematis. I think it will look beautiful, and I will have a cardigan which is unique and gorgeous! I’ll pin some pics on Pinterest and Instagram as I go. What do you think of the colours?

Colours for a crochet cardigan
Colours for a crochet cardigan









Today…..(much excitement at Gorgeous Yarns HQ!) our new weights of Purely Gorgeous Yarns arrived! We now have a 4 ply merino with silk, Purely Gorgeous Silky and a cosy, chunky Merino slub yarn called Purely Gorgeous Pedigree. ( I have used this Pedigree to make 2 cowls from I skein, more in next week’s blog.) I am hoping these yarns will be on the website from Monday 25/01/2016. I also have some really lovely natural yarn which is soft, chunky and unspun called “Rovings” and this is destined to be 1 skein kits which you can make 1 of 3 projects from. I’m working on the designs at the moment.








I hope you are keeping warm, dry and the weather isn’t too much of a problem for you. I’m thinking of woolly friends in America who are facing severe storms and hoping they will be OK.

Bye for now, Caroline


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