Shorties or DPNs?

ChiaoGoo Shorties or DPNs?

Hmmm. ChiaoGoo Shorties or DPNs? Until recently I was undecided. I have always used DPNs for socks, narrow sleeves and other small diameter ‘in the round’ projects and ChiaoGoo circulars with 5″ tips for larger diameters.

I had heard about ChiaoGoo Shorties in sets so I decided to give them a try….

Here’s my review:

I was knitting a top down jumper in 4ply merino yarn and I got to the start of the first sleeve. I began with my usual DPNs but as I worked down the sleeve I noticed the stitches on the ‘corner’ were looser. Although I was moving the stitches round so that the ‘corners’ weren’t always in the same place, I still got the loose stitches. On such a fine knit it was quite noticeable and I suspected blocking wouldn’t make it disappear. (The pattern is Arki by Tuuli Eloranta from Nordic Yarn, Nordic by Nature. I have added a floppy cowl neck to my version.)

I bought a set of ChiaoGoo Shorties (the blue set is for 4ply and DK). After unravelling the sleeve I had knitted so far I picked up the stitches using the 3.5mm 3″ tips and 6″ cable (giving a total length from tip to tip of 12″).

Knitting in the round with ChiaoGoo Shorties
Sleeves knitted with ChiaoGoo Shorties

Initially it felt very strange using such short needles, especially after being used to 8″ long DPNs. However I quickly got used to the tips and cable and found it easier, more comfortable and quicker to knit this way. I whizzed around each row down the sleeve!

As I got near the cuff, the pattern has regular decreases to give a shaped, narrow cuff. With the ChiaoGoo Shorties it was no problem. I changed to the smaller cable length, and then to the shorter tips, ending up with a length of 9″ from tip to tip. Its so easy to change the cables and tips while you are working by using the end stoppers, a real benefit of this system.

Most importantly, the sleeves don’t have the loose stitches anymore!

In fact, I was so impressed with these sets that I’ve just added them to our range of ChiaoGoo needles. If you do a lot of sock knitting, or small knitting in the round, I highly recommend these.

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