Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes….

Changes are afoot!

Things are changing…. Over the next few months after Stitch Fest South West (4-5th November at Newton Abbot racecourse) I’m planning a revamp of the yarns I dye, the colours I dye, the way they appear on the website and how they are displayed at yarns shows. I will still be using natural dyes exclusively, as now, and I want to be able to offer customers a dye to order service so you can order a larger quantity of 4 or more skeins for a forever garment.


Why change?

I firmly believe in sustainability, quality yarns and slow fashion and these are some of the reasons for the new way of presenting my products. They are already sustainable, natural and beautiful but I want to do more to promote slow fashion and the concept of buying, and making to last. We need to change how we think about our clothes, and invest in garments that we will love for years to come.


At Stitch Fest I will be having a Restock sale of the naturally dyed yarns I have in stock, as well as a few remaining Nurturing Fibres Eco-cotton yarns. I’ll also have surprise boxes which include naturally dyed yarn, pattern and extras, ideal for a Secret Santa or ready wrapped gift for a creative friend. I’m also selling a lot of my pattern samples to make room in my workshop for new samples and ideas that I’m working on. Many patterns have had changes and updated.

If you are unable to get to Stitch Fest, don’t worry! I will endeavour to list all remaining restock sale items on the website so you will still be able to buy yarns, surprise boxes and samples that are left. But when they’re gone, they’re gone!

What then?

Once all the restock sale items sold, or listed, I’m going to start work on the new colour palettes. Mr Gorgeous will be putting his DIY skills into action with the new yarn display which will be unveiled at the first show next year. I’ll post how its going on Social Media along the way. So if you have a forever garment or larger project in mind, keep watching!

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