Gorgeous Kit, Dreaming of the Seashore


This Gorgeous Kit contains all you need to knit the enclosed pattern,  Dreaming of the Seashore

This Eco-friendly, sustainable wool knit kit has 4 x 100g skeins of naturally hand dyed gorgeous yarn with a pattern to make the Dreaming Of the Seashore shawl.
It was inspired by a walk on the beach near where I live, watching the tide go out and the ripples on the beach and the waves.

The kit contains 4 skeins of yarn and pattern in a gift box. The rectangle shawl pattern features an ombre effect as the colours change from the palest colour to the darkest. Each colour collection has been carefully selected for you to blend and tone beautifully.
The yarns are hand dyed in my Gorgeous Yarns dye kitchen here in Cornwall, some with organically grown dye stuffs from my garden.

Each yarn is 4ply/sport weight. The kit contains 4 skeins, of 100g each, 400g total.

The Coastal collection:

The darkest blue yarns are wool, linen and silk, dyed with indigo, the mid blue yarn is Merino and Silk, dyed with Indigo, and the beige yarn is Alpaca merino, dyed with madder.

The Floral Collection:

The yellow yarn is hand dyed with Chamomile, the lilac-pink is dyed with cochineal, the green with peony flowers and the apricot with madder grown organically in my garden.
Each yarn skein is Alpaca and Merino and is 100g/400m and is 4ply/sport weight.

The Sunshine Collection:

The yellow yarns are Alpaca and Merino yarns and are hand dyed with chamomile.
The speckled yarn is Bamboo and silk, dyed with  peony flowers grown in my garden  There is a Free extra mini skein of textured alpaca too!

The Gentle Collection:

Each yellow yarn skein Alpaca and Merino hand dyed with Chamomile,
The pale pink skein is Bamboo and Silk, and is dyed with peony flowers
The warm beige is Merino, Silk, Yak and is dyed with walnuts from a friend’s garden.

The kit contains enough yarn to make the shawl which measures, 22″/56cm wide and at least 66″/168cm long. The shawl is knitted on 3.5mm knitting needles.

This is the ideal kit to give! Either as it is, to a creative friend, for any celebration or made into the shawl and gifted in the box. You will need 3.5mm knitting needles for this project. Why not add some 3.5mm Knit Pro Cubics to your purchase by selecting the needles here….

NB The finished garment design featured is a slightly different colour, your Dreaming of the Seashore kit will be the colour as shown in skein photos.

Luxury gift wrapping is available.

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The Colours

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