Time flies and other mysteries and thoughts!

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself, that’s for sure! I have been sat in the coffee shop of our local hospital waiting for a friend who is in fracture clinic following falling off his vintage motorbike. I expected a long wait so I brought my knitting, socks, to pass the time. So many people have stopped to talk to me: some to comment on what I’m knitting, reminisce that their mother/aunt/grandmother used to knit socks the same way (4 needles) or simply to comment on the colour of the yarn or ask what I’m doing! (more about these socks later!) Time flies, and I’ve had fun chatting to lots of people.

Today, (Monday 26/10/15) the day after the clocks went back, time skipped! I had reset my alarm, but it has been playing up and isn’t 100% reliable. My hubby has his alarm so I don’t worry. Anyway, I didn’t know but he had forgotten to put his clock back an hour, the alarm on his clock went off, I got up, showered, dressed and was having my breakfast when I looked at the kitchen clock and realised, I was up an hour early!!! It did feel a bit like an unexpected luxury having an extra hour, and I got so much done! That is after I was a bit grumpy for missing that extra hour in bed! Where does the time go though?

Now, those socks!! In a previous blog post I commented on the sock pattern “Maudie” that I wanted to make. Well….. I understand the pattern, I can do the cable technique, and it has taken me 5 tries to get these socks working! I originally tried to make them with John Arbon Alpaca sock yarn because I lurve the colours. But this yarn didn’t want to be this pattern, so it has been frogged ready for something else, and I’m making the socks in another yarn. Do you ever find that, that a yarn doesn’t want to make what you had planned? So what do you think of the socks so far, thanks to my wait in the coffee shop I’m getting on fine now.

Socks, on a table
These are the socks….! Time flies….!

There has been some research done about the benefits of knitting and crochet on our health and well-being. I am an Occupational Therapist, so I understand the benefits of creating – time flies when we become absorbed and focused on a project, and there are obvious benefits of making something then enjoying wearing/using the finished item. Knitting and crochet have been shown to lower blood pressure, enable relaxation and even slow your heart rate with the rhythm of the stitches. Apparently this is even true of beginners who have only just mastered the basic techniques, and the health benefits include emotional and mental health too. So time flies in an healthy way when we indulge in our creativity. (Research article.) (Research article) (Research article)


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Talking of time flying, someone said its only 9 weeks until Christmas, then it will be a New Year and more plans of woolly lovelies to make…..perhaps I’ll find the pattern to knit more time so we can make the most of it when time flies, then weekends will last and last and we can have all the time we need to create….Happy Days!

Bye for now, Caroline

PS, Time flies, and I forgot to “save” this blog from monday, so my Hubby has worked his tech wizard magic, found it for me and I’m posting a few days later than I expected to!

Golden sycamore leaves
Golden sycamore leaves