Being Creative and having a go.

Being creative and having a go.

I love being creative, having a go at new things or revisiting old skills I haven’t used for a while. I like the idea of trying new crafts, letting my imagination run free and seeing what happens and what I create. I’m going to have a go at Tunisian Crochet…more about this later

I was watching an inspiring programme on BBC4 the other day called MAKE! Craft Britain .It was about having a go, trying a new creative skill and getting creative. On the programme, we saw novices learn how to make beautifully embroidered and appliqued linen lampshades, inspired by the landscape around them in the Dales, and a workshop in London of newbies making paper cut cards and silhouettes. It was amazing! Once the groups had suspended their “oh I’m not creative; I can’t draw; I can only follow a pattern, I can’t make things up out of my head” beliefs, the magic happened. The results from both groups after only a few hours were inspiring and very beautiful. During the summer holidays there are often craft workshops organised for children and teenagers, I’m sure adults could go too, and the BBC4 Make! link has more information.

Now, Tunisian Crochet… I’ve been looking at ideas on Pinterest, and really fancy having a go! It seems like a mixture of knitting and crochet, using a super long crochet hook to work along the row (forward pass) picking up and working stitches, then working backwards (backwards pass) to work the stitches and drop them off. The texture of the basic Tunisian stitches seems to be quite dense, almost like fabric, so I might just have a go at making “a thing” and see what it might become! Placemat anyone?! I have my hooks (bargain on Amazon) and yarn so I’m all set. I’ll let you know how I get on.

I felt inspired a few weeks ago by a pattern in Inside Crochet by Nicki Trench for a Hexagon Blanket and have made a start. Have you seen my photos on Facebook and Instagram?  I am using Nurturing Fibres Eco-cotton, an ecologically and ethically produced yarn from South Africa. I’m using lovely summery beach colours and feeling very creative. I don’t know why I have put off doing “granny” shapes with crochet, its such fun, very simple and a teensy bit addictive! (Just one more before bed time!)  I’ll keep you posted with how I get on.


Dear friends, perhaps you can help me…. I want to design a knitting pattern for something, to be made with 100g DK Time for Teal yarn. What would you use 100g of DK for, what would you like to knit? Do post comments; I need a bit of inspiration for this one to get my creative flow going!

So the message is; be inspired, have a go and you may well surprise yourself. Let us know how you get on.

Bye for now, Caroline




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