Beaches and Blankets

Beaches and Blankets

Beaches and Blankets! What a lovely thought. I have a lovely recipe book called Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache which is still available from an online Mega Store.  It has a recipe for Beach and Blanket fruit cake which conjures up the image of fruitcake in a tuck box, a hand made blanket and a family outing to the beach, at any time of year. Blankets on the beach, picnics in the park…

Blankets for picnics in the park
Blankets for picnics in the park

Do you have an Going Out blanket? I have made several over the past few years. I have a cotton one made with Nurturing Fibres Eco-Fusion, and its perfect for the summer. I also have several woolly ones which I snuggle up with in the winter, but we also use them when we go to the beach on cold, clear days, especially after a storm with a Beach and Blanket Fruitcake and a flask, happy days!

Hand Made hex crochet blanket

Do you have family heirloom blankets that you still use? OK, so the weather may be too hot to be making a blanket right now, but if you are away on holiday, how about finding the local yarn store and buying some yarn to work into your blanket in the winter. Memories of happy holidays…. I also love the idea of doing a “weather” blanket. You gather up all your stash and decide which colour represents which type of weather. Then each day, you work in the right colour for the weather of the day, sounds like fun! You could use any pattern, knit or crochet, and make squares or rows of colour…..

I’m working on a jumper at the moment. Yes, I know, its too hot for jumpers too. I set myself a challenge to see if I could make a jumper in 10 days. I am on the sleeves and the final day is Sunday. (Its Friday today.) Do you think I will finish it? I’ll let you now next time. I have posted progress on Instagram and FaceBook.

Next time I also hope to have news of some changes to the website which will make it easier to find what you want…. keep watching this space. (well not literally…!)

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