Are you Doing What you Love?

Are you doing what you love? Gorgeous Yarns is 1 year old next Tuesday, and I can honestly say I am doing what I love! I work with the most gorgeous hand dyed yarns, knitting and crocheting, writing blogs, newsletters and a regular magazine article, designing, sewing unique project bags, chatting to customers and making new friends, I am so lucky.

I thought I would share some of what I’m up to that inspires me, some of the things I love to be doing! I have been finishing a lovely bag for my next Inside Crochet article, its a pattern in issue 67, designed by Nicky Trench. I have made it in Nurturing Fibres Eco Fusion cotton/bamboo blend, its a lovely bag and the cute starfish finish it off perfectly. I love a bit of whimsy! It may get its first outing to the beach soon with a picnic. I have also been making fabric project bags of all shapes and sizes, and as I finish each one I think, “yes, this is my favourite” then I make the next one, and that’s my favourite! I love the colours and designs of the fabrics, and combining them so each bag I make for Gorgeous Yarns is unique and special. I was given some fabrics by a friend in exchange for a sock knitting lesson, I love doing that too! After all exchange is no robbery! What do you think of these two bags…?

Hand made project bag, my current favourite
Hand made project bag, my current favourite
This is my latest favourite!
This is my latest favourite!










I have worked on an “extra” for the Guernsey tunic I designed after several customers requested the pattern be adjusted for larger ladies. The tunic is worked sideways in long and short rows, so was difficult to adjust without the neck becoming too wide, so I have designed and made up slim panels which are added to the sides to give a bit more wriggle room for larger ladies. If you have a Guernsey Tunic pattern and would like the pattern addition please contact me and I will e-mail it to you as an attachment.

I am really enjoying crochet now I feel confident with what I’m doing, and reading patterns etc. So far I have only made cowls, scarves and bags, with a zig zag blanket and shawl in progress. (So far I have resisted making granny squares because I also love patchwork patterns and I just know that if I start making granny squares, nothing else will get done!) I don’t love crochet quite as much as knitting, but its now a close run thing! I have 2 huge hanks of cotton yarn I bought at Wonderwool last year, and I have found 2 patterns, one knitting and one crochet, to make a summer top, so which shall I choose? The yarn is a soft turquoise blue crinkle slub, really interesting texture, and the colour I love.

We have a lovely garden here at Gorgeous Yarns HQ and hubby recently picked the redcurrants and I made jelly. I also have apples in the freezer to use up and I thought I could make some chutney which goes really well with sausages, cheese and crackers, even roast pork, yummy! I find the process of making jams, marmalade and chutneys very soothing, its something I love to do with all the left over fruit and veg from the garden. One year I made raspberry gin, now that was gorgeous!

Jars of redcurrant jelly
Home made red currant jelly
Black dog
Indie, looking lovely!



Met up with a friend, Annabel, that I met at Proper Woolly, who is a friend of Lyn Roberts (Silver Crochet hook fame, I’m a groupie of these lovely hooks!) and she brought her dog Indie with her for a cuppa and slice of cake, isn’t Indie just the loveliest dog ever?





What do you like to do when you’re not knitting or crocheting? I love to hear your comments about what you are doing and what you think of the blog, I read every one and reply. Lastly, another favourite thing of mine…tea! In my favourite mug! Drinking tea and knitting, crocheting or sewing, that’s doing what I love!

Bye for now,


Tea, in my favourite mug
Tea, in my favourite mug

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